Places to go


Places to go

  • the Pieniny National Park

    the Pieniny National Park

    It is the smallest and (according to many people) also the most beautiful of the Slovakia National Parks. Talking about its age – it is the second oldest National Park which stretches on the border with Poland.
  • Red Monastery

    Red Monastery

    Visit Red Monastery – the famous museum located in Cerveny Klastor. In the past it was a Cartusian Monastery. The most popular monk was called Cyprian. It is really worth the visit!
  • Three Crowns

    Three Crowns

    Is the summit of the Three Crowns Massif, an independent portion of a range called Pieniny Mountains in the south of Poland.
  • Niedzica (PL)

    Niedzica (PL)

    Niedzica castle towers over a large water reservoir with an impressive dam. This place is really popular among locals as well as among tourists who love spend there their free time especially during the summer.
  • High Tatras

    High Tatras

    However, if you prefer lazing the day away, we recommend you visit the town Poprad which is mainly considered to be an entrance gate to the High Tatras.
  • Kežmarok


    The town Kežmarok which has always been the historical centre of the Spiš region is also very popular among tourists. In Kežmarok you can visit The Wooden articled church.

Travel tips

We have already introduced you the Pieniny National Park (the PIENAP) in the introduction. Several factors contribute to the special scenic value of the PIENAP and the Dunajec River is one of these factors. For centuries, wooden raft trips have been organized by Gorals (the local population). However, nowadays still more and more people prefer rafting because enjoying active holiday is more fun and adrenaline than enjoying float trip at very slow speed. If you are one of these adventurers, the rafting is the right choice for you. After your rafting trip you can visit a Carthusian Monastery in Červený Kláštor or climb the mountain Tri Koruny where you can enjoy a breathtaking view on the village and its surroundings.

Well, as you can see, you will not be bored! All you need to do is plan well your Slovak holidays and come to enjoy the beauties of our PIENAP and its surroundings.