Frequently asked questions

  • Yes, you have to book the rafting trip at least a few days before your arrival. Please call us +421 944 447 798 or write an email raftingdunajec@gmail.com. Do not forget to mention the estimated number of people, time of arrival etc.

  • Address : Červený Kláštor 35 – Slovakia. GPS coordinates: 49.393852, 20.411043.

    You find us opposite to the footbridge called Lávka that connects Poland and Slovakia

    (N.B. there is only one bridge in the centre/middle of Červený Kláštor, you cannot miss it). In any case, when you are on your way do not hesitate to call us, so it will be easier and faster for you to find us. In addition, you find pictures of our seat on this website. To sum up, it is REALLY necessary to call on +421 944 447 798 when you drive to us.

  • There is a parking lot behind our seat where you can park your car for free for 3 hours at maximum. Of course, the capacity of the parking places is limited, so if there is no more space, we will guide you to the closest parking area

  • There are several factors that influence a length of raft sailing. These include, in particular, the river level and behaviour of passengers in the boat. However, the rafting trip usually takes an hour and a half (9 km trip from Červený Kláštor to Lesnica).

  • It all depends on the weather. When it is sunny, we will recommend you to wear a short sleeve T-shirt, shorts and sandals, crocs, slides or flip flops. Of course, when it is really hot you can also wear a swimsuit. In case, the weather changes you can take with you a sweater or jacket. To ensure all your clothes and belongings stay dry, you will get a waterproof bag or plastic barrel before the start. This equipment is included in the price. When the weather is rainy and windy, please take with you a raincoat or waterproof jacket and suitable footwear. As already mentioned above, you can take your mobile phone, camera, wallet or other personal articles with you. You will put all these objects in the plastic barrel or waterproof bag, so that there is no way to get your belongings wet.

  • The boat will be completely under water. JUST KIDDING! Of course, it will NOT! J You will not get wet, only in a situation of higher river level when the waves are larger than normal. In summary, do not worry. There is usually very small amount of water at the bottom of the boat. For that reason, it is really recommended to wear suitable shoes (check question No. 5).

  • It should be noted that the rafting company in the Pieniny National Park provides ONLY the RAFTING SERVICES, i.e. sailing the river. You have to choose a mode of transport to get back to Červený Kláštor. This is your responsibility not ours.  There are several options:

    – You can go on foot, it takes approximately 2 hours. This is a nice 9 kilometers walk along the river, the path is mostly flat with 2 small elevations. Not a big deal even for families with kids.

    – You can borrow bikes and use the same track as pedestrians (it is a bike-pedestrian path), this is the tourists’ most favorite option. Bicycles for adults and kids are available as well as carriages for the littlest ones.

    – You can go by bus that operates between the port Lesnica and the start point Červený Kláštor and leaves about every 60 minutes or you can go by microbus which leaves when it is full.


    Please note that the bus parking lot and bicycle rental companies are about 800 metres distant from the port (they are located next to the restaurant called Chata Pieniny). You have to go on foot to get there.

    And what are the prices?

    – your feet are for free J so this is the most economically advantageous option,

    – bike rental (for about 2 hours) costs 5 euro per person (carriage rental costs 2 euro),

    – travelling by bus costs 2 euro per person,

    – travelling by microbus costs 4 euro per person.*

    *The above mentioned prices are approximate and they may vary according to provider.

  • No, you do not need any prior experience. The river is neither demanding nor dangerous to sail, so that the rafting trip is suitable for non-swimmers or kids, as well. All passengers wear life jackets and helmets. Last but not least, our instructor keeps an eye on you during the whole trip and he always explains you everything more or less important.

  • As already mentioned above (check question No. 8), the rafting trip on the Dunajec river is safe for everybody. The river is mostly calm so that the boat stays stable on its surface. Finally, the instructor’s main task is providing a uniform and high level of protection of all passengers in all circumstances.

  • This is not a good idea for security reasons. There are often a lot of wooden and plastic rafts sailing the river especially during July and August and so you can easily be injured. Of course, there is always the chance you will make a deal with the instructor who considers the current situation and conditions of a particular stretch. In any case, it is necessary to mention that you take full responsibility of your health after leaving the boat during the trip.